Blacktop Industries was founded in 1957 by Charles F. Dean and Betty Jane Dean.  Charles served under General Patton in World War II as a Lieutenant in the US Army, while Betty served as executive secretary and professional model for Harvey Firestone.  Together they formed a company to withstand the next 30 years with their two children Daron and Susan.  In 1987, they decided to enjoy retirement and sell everything.  With nothing but a name, and the dedication of a few good men, at age 22  Daron knew his destiny.  He continued  Blacktop Industries, but in Daron Dean fashion.


In 2005, was a new addition to Blacktop Industries.  American Asphalt was created as a premier asphalt production company to service customers in Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio.  They now have two plants in West Virginia, one in Wayne County, and the other in Kanawha County supplying premium grade asphalt for municipalities, commercial/industrial and residential customers.  Currently, they are aggressively looking for the perfect location for plant #3.