Daron F. Dean –President/Owner – He has worked in every facet of the paving business, which includes running the many pieces of equipment, raking, shoveling, estimating and actually mixing the asphalt.  He is a graduate of Ceredo-Kenova High School. After working for his father for two years in the paving business, in  1987 with only the name continued Blacktop Industries.  Years have proved the outstanding talent and skill of Blacktop Industries through the highways and industrial lots that were paved.  Then in 2005,he created American Asphalt to compliment the “lay-down” end of the paving.  The Kenova, Wayne County plant was erected in 2006, and the St. Albans, Kanahwa County plant in 2010, and both are operating full speed to fulfill the state road maintenance garages requirements, other local paving contractors and Blacktop Industries their premium asphalt.  He takes pride in continuing as “the estimator” on all highways, county, state and federal levels. Daron still enjoys operating the paver and shoveling to help finish the job.  Whenever Daron has spare time, he immensely enjoys fly fishing at Elk Springs and hunting on their Ellie May Outfitters farm in Kentucky.


Lisa Dale Maynard Dean –  She is a Wayne High School, and Marshall University graduate, where she majored in business.  After working at the US Army Corps of Engineers as a Contracting Specialist for 14 years, she married Daron, and joined the asphalt industry.  As first lady, she assumes the responsibilities for advertising, web management, treasurer, working with Elk Springs Resort, Ellie May Outfitters, and other duties as assigned.


Jeremy S. Black  – Graduate of Boyd County High School, Kentucky.  He began working for Blacktop Industries at the young age of 15, in 1993.  Jeremy worked on the crew for many years, began estimating and now as Vice-President is the primary estimator for industrial and corporate jobs. Jeremy enjoys spending time with his 5 horses when he’s not estimating asphalt.


Millard A. Bradshaw II- A Wayne County graduate, has worked in the asphalt and concrete industry for many years.  Millard primarily works in the Charleston area giving free estimates from industrial to residential.  When he’s not working he enjoys spending time working on his farm in Wayne County.


Robert Earl Scott – Another Wayne County High graduate, Robert is a veteran of  the paving industry.  He manages the sealing and striping crew for Blacktop Industries and also estimates commercial lots and driveways.  Robert enjoys playing the guitar in his spare time, as he did in Nashville as a session guitarist.


Scott Followay – Yet another Wayne County High School graduate, Scott grew up in a family owned business of asphalt, and rejoined Blacktop Industries in 2010.  With Scotts expertise as an excellent equipment operator, Scott is an excellent estimator for jobs needing dirt and stone preparation.  Scott enjoys spending time coaching various ball teams with his children.


Ray Guarnieri – After serving in the US Army, Ray moved to Wayne County and later came to work at Blacktop Industries.  Ray is responsible for the take-off of blueprints and drawings for those related commercial jobs.  As a certified gun smith, Ray enjoys working in the evenings in his gunshop.


Rick Brown – Rick is a Greenup County, Kentucky graduate, and is the newest employee to Blacktop Industries.  Rick owned and operated his own paving company for many years, and is now estimating all the Kentucky commercial and residential lots and driveways.  Rick enjoys his time back in Greenup County.


Lisa Gail Maynard – She is a graduate of Ceredo-Kenova high school.   She is responsible for administering the contracts and pay estimates, payroll and everything in between.